Allevamento Veneto Ovini is a young company, resulting from the experience of three entire generations, all devoted to pastoralism and raising sheep.

The experience we have gained over the years make us a solid benchmark for many farms that rear sheep in Italy.
Unlike markets that prefer animal meat from abroad, we raise breeds like Biella and Bergamo sheep, which provide very rustic and high-quality products.

Why choose sheep in the third millennium?
Sheep farming can only be a profitable practice if the sheep are kept in the stable for short periods of time. In fact, free grazing with pens or a keeper for most of the year makes it possible to keep the pastures well-maintained and fertilised and give sheep the food they need for sustenance.
This is why sheep are suitable for maintaining areas where the environment runs the risk of being afforested and where mechanical maintenance may be difficult or impossible.
An enclosure, water and a daily visit can provide added value to environments at risk of abandonment.
We are currently experimenting with a pasture using a photovoltaic system, for areas where tractors struggle to pass through and there are many cables a few centimetres underground.

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